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Uprisings for the Earth is a Nautilus Book Award winner!!

Nautilus Award judges “look for distinguished literary and heartfelt contributions to conscious living, high-level wellness, green values, and responsible leadership.”

“While I don’t think that reconnecting with the natural world
will solve all of our daunting problems, I am proposing that
reviving our intimacy with the Earth is an essential and
irreplaceable component in turning from our destructive course.”

~ Osprey Orielle Lake



Uprisings for the Earth delves into a new kinship with nature while acknowledging the treasures of urban life and the unique stake each person has in resolving critical and timely challenges. While avoiding doomsday scenarios, Lake offers a frank inquiry into a variety of causes leading to our current global peril while also providing a deep well of hope and profound insight.


Lake, a lifelong advocate for environmental justice and cultural transformation, weaves together history, ecology, culture, governance, women's leadership and the arts to map out an integrated approach to working in partnership with nature while creating a more just and sustainable future.


Her wisdom, lyrical style, and thorough research frame chapters such as “Around the Fire: From Global Warming to a Renewed Hearth”, “Anthem to Water”, “Democracy Ancient and Modern” and “Honor the Women”. Lake takes us along wild rivers as she explores water conservation and the mysteries of water science; sits us around a fire along with great minds of past and present to contemplate the climate crisis; and takes us to several continents where we navigate deeper into history of culture and land.
Lake shows that “a culture or civilization bereft of its connection to nature will not be sustainable. The decades since Rachel Carson wrote Silent Spring have clearly shown us this. We will need to reconnect with the rhythms of the natural world in contemporary society to generate inner and outer resilience, and to move through the uncertain times ahead.”  
Lake’s writing is informed by the American nature-writing tradition that arises from Henry David Thoreau, Walt Whitman, John Muir, and Rachel Carson, as well as from cultural and natural historians Riane Eisler, Thomas Berry and Terry Tempest Williams.





Uprisings for the Earth Book

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“Uprisings for the Earth creates new, vibrant ground that holds within it keys to finding our way to a meaningful and vital relationship with the natural world in modern civilization. Osprey Orielle Lake’s unique, personal, and inspiring perspective on current and historical events makes us proud to be human as we search for self-responsibility and renewal while defying apathy and cynicism. Her book presents a philosophy that is both rich in nature poetics and filled with good sense. Within compelling and dynamic verse, Lake makes a call to discover and uphold what she has named an ‘Earth etiquette.’ This is a call we need to answer, and Lake makes us thrilled to do it.”
Riane Eisler, author The Chalice and The Blade and The Real Wealth of Nations.

"Seeing both the peril and the promise of this moment in time, Osprey Orielle Lake brings us stories infused with her passion for life. Like winds off the mountains, they renew our energy and summon our will to rise up together for the sake of Earth."
~ Joanna Macy, author World as Lover, World as Self.

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